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Dead of Winter, by A. B. Gibson

Four young professionals eager to pick apples and take the challenge of the Giant Corn Maze but pick the wrong weekend to visit a popular Pumpkin Patch Bed and Breakfast.…

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High Voltage, by A. B. Gibson

What seems like one lucky day triggers a series of unimaginable horrors for Strider, an unassuming hiker fresh off the Appalachian Trail. In his panicked search for his missing fiancée,…

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Summer Thunder, by Alan B. Gibson

Lily is headstrong, independent, and stuck in a loop of bad luck. She makes fairy figurines that customers buy to bring them good luck, but her merchandise doesn’t seem to…

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Tracked to Kill, by A. B. Gibson

No one is who they seem in this intricate and fast-paced plot of global intrigue, revenge, and murder. High tech and low tech collide on the Appalachian Trail when a…

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